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Personal Facts Security

For efficient fulfillment of some services, it is necessary for the visitors/ users to give all necessary data which are characterized as "personal nature data". 

The administration and preservation of user's personal nature data is held by this as well as all relevant dispositions of Greek Justice (N 2472/1997, N 2779/99, P.D 79/2000 and par. 8 N 2819/2000), of Personal Information Protection law and of European Justice (95/46/EK and 97/66/EK). 

Under no circumstances, Argyrakis Emmanouil – does reveal, sell, exchange, assign, hire or carry in any way to other juristic or natural persons confidential information (if Police and Law requires that, an exception is applicable). 

Note: Submission of personal data regarding users under 23 Years old is not allowed.

Transactions Security

EUROBANK has undertaken the process of your transactions ensuring you absolute security. While loading the elements of your credit card, has the authorization to charge it with the rental cost. This charge will be achieved after EUROBANK approval and the total amount will constitute a payment against the value of the car rental that is mentioning in the reservation. In case of a cancellation with responsibility, the amount of the total rental will be refunded to the same credit card. In case of a cancellation by the user, a cancellation fee - as mentioned above - will apply. Your cards details pass to a safety page of the bank. EUROBANK uses as certificate of safety the technology of SSL encryption by Geotrust (Secure Socket Layer). The SSL is a global standard of internet and offers SSL encrypted communication. Transactions with Visa, MasterCard, Diners and American Express have been included in the respective certification programs.

For the recognition of an encrypted transaction SSL you will observe in the browser a small yellow padlock and afterwards you will be transferred to a https:// page. Via SSL encryption your computer sends the request to the Bank server. The server sends back to your computer the security certificate along with the confirmation of your visit in the right page and your public key. Afterwards, your computer uses the public key to encrypt confidential information (i.e. the card number) and dispatches them to the server that uses the private key in order to decrypt them.

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